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Sponsored Player

This page provides every thing you need to know about being a sponsored player for the DropZone Event!!

Why should I become a sponsored player? 

  • A sponsored player can enter into the Head to Head Pro tournament directly.
  • Top Level Prizes. The head to head tournament has top level prizes. In other words, The best prizes we can get will go to the top 5 players in this Pro tournament.
  •  Sponsored players entire ticket fee can be covered by raising money for this event.
  • Each player that fundraises helps us interact with our community. We want to engage our Gamer community and get them excited about doing good and having fun.
  • The top donor gains additional free head to head tournament points to help them take down the Pro-Fortnite players!
  • Bragging rights!

Fundraising is a great way to get the community engaged and really help out our local non-profits.

What do I need to do to sign up and raise money? 

First you need to register as a sponsored player here! You will need to put down a deposit of $250.00 as your entry fee. This may sound steep but stick around for the best part. After registering and placing your deposit you can begin raising funds using our DropZone Sponsored Player donation form found below. Keep Raising funds until the 16th of September (The day of the event) at this point you can donate what you’ve raised to community conscience and we will reimburse your total donation up to $250.00! This means if you can raise $250+ we will reimburse your entire deposit and your fundraising will pay for the ticket!!! Or you can choose to use your deposit as your personal donation, and add it to the funds you raised!

Let’s help you visualize this.

As an example of our system, you deposit $250.00 when entering. If you raise $400.00 in checks and cash we will reimburse you your entire $250 deposit (24 – 48 hours after the event). Your total funds raised will be $400.00 and your original deposit will go right back to you. On the other hand, if you deposit $250.00 and only raise $100.00 in donations, we will reimburse you equal to your funds raised donation, you will get $100.00 of your deposit back in 24 – 48 hours after the event.

Sign me up! I can raise money for charity!!

You can register here!

Don’t forget to print out your Sponsored player Form here!! <PDF Download> This form has the fundraising guidelines you’ll need to collect donations for Community Conscience! Print it out and go get donations!

Help! I still need to know more!

Don’t worry you can contact us below with any questions you may have.



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